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Ціна (грн) Кількість Разом (грн)
Біографія, мемуари, історії з життя


Автор(и): Ruth Sheppard
ISBN: 9780233005461
Видавництво: Carlton

Featuring 150 images and documents—including diary extracts, personal notes, and otherexclusive items from London's Freud Museum—this insightful bio provides a glimpse into the mind of the “Father ofPsychoanalysis.” Sigmund Freud remains a towering figure whose therapeutic innovations, including the “talking cure,” free association, and dream interpretation, revolutionized our understanding of human thought and behavior. Freud: The Man, The Scientist, and the Birth of Psychoanalysis details the life of this iconoclastic genius, examining how he developed his famous theories. It explores Freud’s struggles with his own neuroses and how they led to his pioneering self-analysis, in which he refined his still-unproven techniques by applying them to himself.


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