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An illustrated dictionary for learners of any level. This series offers far more challenge and motivating activities than mostdictionaries, basic or otherwise, while maintaining an uncluttered, appealing visual impression to the reader. Its exercises offer a chance for critical thinking and active learning, not just passive, rote memorization.

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"The Heinle Picture Dictionary"

Автор(и): Jann Huizenga
ISBN: 9781413004441

"Heinle Picture Dictionary: International Student Edition".


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Робочий зошит

"Heinle Picture Dictionary Beginning Workbook with Audio CD"

Автор(и): Barbara H. Foley
ISBN: 9781413022292

"Beginning Workbook" features complete listening programs as well as constructive, entertaining activities for solidifying new vocabulary.


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Інтерактивний комп'ютерний диск

"Heinle Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition Interactive CD-ROM"

ISBN: 9781133563228

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Аудіо-диски для роботи в класі (CD)

"Heinle Picture Dictionary (American English) Audio CDs (3)"

ISBN: 9780838444054

The audio program allows students to hear each word pronounced and to hear the "Word in Context" read.


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