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Liz Jensen (born 1959) is an English novelist.

Liz Jensen was born in Oxfordshire, the daughter of a Danish father and an Anglo-Moroccan mother. She first worked as a journalist in the Far East, and then for the BBC as a TV and Radio producer. She then worked as a sculptor in France, where she wrote her first novel, Egg Dancing (1995), returning to London to write Ark Baby (1998), The Paper Eater (2000), and War Crimes for the Home (2002)
Her novel The Ninth Life of Louis Drax was adapted into a movie, to be released September 2016.
She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 2005.

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Автор(и): Liz Jensen
ISBN: 9781408806050
Видавництво: Bloomsbury

In a merciless summer of biblical heat and destructive winds, Gabrielle Fox's main concern is a personal one: to rebuild her career as a psychologist after a shattering car accident. But when she is assigned Bethany Krall, one of the most dangerous teenagers in the country, she begins to fear she has made a terrible mistake. Raised on a diet of evangelistic hellfire, Bethany is violent, delusional, cruelly intuitive and insistent that she can foresee natural disasters - a claim which Gabrielle interprets as a symptom of doomsday delusion. But when catastrophes begin to occur on the very dates Bethany has predicted, and a brilliant, gentle physicist enters the equation, the apocalyptic puzzle intensifies and the stakes multiply. Is the self-proclaimed Nostradamus of the psych ward the ultimate manipulator, or could she be the harbinger of imminent global cataclysm on a scale never seen before? And what can love mean in 'interesting times'? A haunting story of human passion and burning faith set against an adventure of tectonic proportions, "The Rapture" is an electrifying psychological thriller that explores the dark extremes of mankind's self-destruction in a world on the brink.


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