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Видавництво: Oxford University Press

Автор: Deborah Cameron

- Full coverage of the grammar teachers need to know
- Practical reference guide for use on busy PGCE courses
- No formal grammatical knowledge assumed
- Examples from real spoken and written language
- Relates directly to today's classroom realities

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Посібник з теорії та методики викладання мови

"The Teacher's Guide to Grammar"

Автор(и): Deborah Cameron
ISBN: 9780199214488
Видавництво: Oxford University Press

The Teacher's Guide to Grammar is unique in focusing directly on the aspects of grammar that teachers need to know. Assuming little or no formal linguistic education, this concise and accessible book provides the necessary background knowledge required in the classroom context. There are detailed chapters on the nuts and bolts of language: words, morphology, sentences, phrases, verbs, and clauses. Other important educational issues concerned in the teaching of English are discussed: the grammatical variation that differentiates standard and non-standard English; how grammar varies in relation to the purpose and audience of a text; and the different grammatical characteristics of different languages. Throughout, illustrations are given using examples from the real spoken and written language produced by learners.


*Роздріб. На гуртові замовлення – знижки. Для детального розрахунку змоделюйте замовлення.