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"The Big Book of the UK"

Автор(и): Williams I.
ISBN: 9780241382608
Видавництво: Ladybird

The Big Book of the UK introduces readers to customs and culture of the United Kingdom. In this BIG book you can: Learn about the sport of "dwile flonking"; Find out where black diamonds come from; Meet the supernatural animal that haunts the Scottish Highlands; Discover the British sweets that helped Hillary and Tenzing scale Everest. Filled with facts about wildlife, food, sports, geography, language and some very silly place names, this book will help you uncover national secrets and unearth local legends from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


*Роздріб. На гуртові замовлення – знижки. Для детального розрахунку змоделюйте замовлення.

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