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An international bestselling series - enter the Wundrous world of Morrigan Crow and Nevermoor. Featuring a 'hidden' illustration beneath the stunning cover, both sprinkled with gold, this is the perfect gift for all adventurous young readers.

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Художня література

"Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow"

Автор(и): Jessica Townsend
ISBN: 9781510104389
Видавництво: Hodder & Stoughton

Morrigan Crow is cursed, destined to die on her eleventh birthday. But, as the clock strikes midnight, she's whisked away by a remarkable man called Jupter North and taken to the secret city of Nevermoor.
There she's invited to join the Wundrous Society. Mystery, magica and protection are hers - if only she can pass four impossible trials, using an exceptional talent. Which she doesn't have...


*Pоздріб. На гуртові замовлення – знижки. Для детального розрахунку змоделюйте замовлення.