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Видавництво: Delta Publishing
Автор(и): Louis Rogers
Delta Academic Objectives: Reading Skills
готує студентів до академічного читання, роблячи акцент не тільки на кількісному розширенні матеріалу, але і на якісному поглибленні навиків по чотирьох основних напрямках: Розуміння тексту, Критичне мислення, Використання тексту та Мова у фокусі.

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"Academic Objectives Reading Skills Student's Book"

Автор(и): Louis Rogers
ISBN: 9781905085569

Helps students prepare for academic listening, placing emphasis on practice with extended listening passages and also on continued language development through four main areas: Language focus, Listening for production, Listening for meaning and Vocabulary focus.


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Книга для вчителя

"Academic Objectives Reading Skills Teacher's Book"

Автор(и): Emma Kuhles
ISBN: 9781905085576

The "Teacher's Book" contains a range of valuable features which greatly add to the teaching experience: includes full answers accompanied by the aims of activities, providing clarity for teachers; provides rationales for what is covered in each area of every unit, giving teachers background to the skills/strategies and making connections between them; and, offers additional teaching ideas to help less experienced teachers of EAP, and suggestions how to extend/differentiate activities.


*Роздріб. На гуртові замовлення – знижки. Для детального розрахунку змоделюйте замовлення.