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Aptitude tests assess a person's abilities or intelligence, often as part of an IQ test, whilst personality questionnaires help to reveal an individual's characteristics or personality traits. Both are of equal value to employers as they can indicate a candidate's suitability to a particular position.

IQ and Personality Tests contains hundreds of practice questions from both these vital areas of assessment. The personality questions look at attitudes and values, often in an entertaining way, whilst the aptitude questions are organised into two IQ tests which assess verbal, numerical, logical and spatial reasoning skills. They are typical of the type and style of question candidates are likely to encounter in actual IQ tests. Answers and a simple analysis of scores are also given, so that readers can assess their performance.

Whilst providing entertainment, the questions in IQ and Personality Tests are also a great source of practice material for those faced with the real tests.

Table Of Contents
Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Section - ONE: Personality tests;
Chapter - 01: How to do the personality tests;
Chapter - 02: How well do you cope under pressure?;
Chapter - 03: Are you a people person?;
Chapter - 04: Asking for what you want;
Chapter - 05: Do you have the secret of success?;
Chapter - 06: How content are you?;
Chapter - 07: Are you a control freak?;
Chapter - 08: Forward-looking, or stuck in a time warp;
Chapter - 09: How soft-centred are you?;
Chapter - 10: Attitude;
Chapter - 11: Optimist or pessimist?;
Chapter - 12: Are you a good team player?;
Chapter - 13: How assertive are you?;
Chapter - 14: How patient are you?;
Chapter - 15: Would you make a good contestant on Big Brother?;
Chapter - 16: Are you a career person?;
Chapter - 17: How obsessive are you?;
Chapter - 18: How laid-back are you?;
Chapter - 19: Laterality;
Chapter - 20: Creativity;
Chapter - 21: Perception;
Section - TWO: Aptitude tests;
Chapter - 22: How to do the aptitude tests;
Chapter - 23: IQ test one;
Chapter - 24: IQ test two

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"IQ and Personality Tests Assess and Improve Your Creativity, Aptitude and Intelligence"

Автор(и): Philip Carter
ISBN: 9780749449544
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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