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IQ Tests - standardized tests designed to measure intelligence - are used as part of the recruitment process for many jobs, including those in the government, the armed forces, education, industry and commerce. These tests can be a real challenge so it pays to be prepared.

IQ Testing will familiarise you with the different types of test, increasing your chances of passing and reducing the fear factor. Even if you are not facing a test, these questions will increase your vocabulary, mathematical skills and powers of logical reasoning. It consists of 10 separate tests, each of 40 questions. Each test is of approximately the same level of difficulty, helping you to:

  1. understand more about IQ tests;
  2. have an indepth knowledge of the key types of question that you may face;
  3. have the confidence to complete any test to the best of your ability.

Whether you are a graduate looking to take the first step on the career ladder, planning an all important career change or just wishing to improve your IQ rating, IQ Testing contains all the practice you will need.

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"IQ Testing Increase Your Vocabulary and Develop Your Powers of Calculation and Logical Reasoning"

Автор(и): Ken Russell, Philip Carter
ISBN: 9780749456429
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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