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Knockout Job Interview Presentations takes you through the whole process of planning and making a presentation as part of a job interview and helps you to understand what employers are looking for and learn how to provide it. It will help you to have a positive outlook, plan so that you know what to include and how, cope with seen and unseen briefs, make all of the practical preparations, then get it right on the day, handling nerves and making an impact. Rebecca Corfield also looks into difficult situations that may occur and gives advice on how to rise above them and continue with your presentation unscathed.

This practical, inspiring book will give you the advantage over other job candidates so that you make a presentation with ease and confidence and trump the competition.

Table Of Contents
Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Chapter - 01: The basics;
Chapter - 02: Planning your presentation;
Chapter - 03: Preparation;
Chapter - 04: Presentation;
Chapter - 05: Learning and improving;
Chapter - 06: Facing tricky situations

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"Knockout Job Interview Presentations How to Present with Confidence Beat the Competition and Impress Your Way into a Top Job"

Автор(и): Rebecca Corfield
ISBN: 9780749457150
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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