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Group Coaching is everything you need to run successful coaching sessions effectively. Based on 20 years of HR, consulting and practical coaching experience, this book offers tools, tips, ideas, different perspectives and easy-to-use templates. Group coaching on its own is a powerful tool and when linked to your talent strategy becomes the means to optimize collective talent in any organization.

Table Of Contents
Chapter - 00: Introduction: taking the group coaching journey;
Section - ONE: The context of group coaching;
Chapter - 01: Why it’s important to start with self;
Chapter - 02: Benefits of group coaching;
Chapter - 03: Certainty drives action;
Section - TWO: Creating a group coaching strategy;
Chapter - 04: Group coaching process;
Chapter - 05: Group coaching blueprint;
Chapter - 06: Group dynamics and the group directive;
Section - THREE: Tools and processes;
Chapter - 07: Contracting for ‘success’;
Chapter - 08: Discovering the right tools;
Chapter - 09: Creative group coaching;
Section - FOUR: Measuring success;
Chapter - 10: The challenges of measuring results from group coaching;
Chapter - 11: Measuring success in practice;
Section - FIVE: Group coaching as talent liberation;
Chapter - 12: Using group coaching as part of your talent system;
Chapter - 13: Actions for optimizing collective talent

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"Group Coaching A Practical Guide to Optimizing Collective Talent in Any Organization"

Автор(и): Ro Gorell
ISBN: 9780749467593
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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