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Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to the present moment, helping us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings so that instead of being overwhelmed by them, we are better able to manage them. Mindful Coaching is a comprehensive guide to using mindfulness effectively in coaching. It enables coaches to work closely with their clients on a range of issues, including work-life balance, stress management, decision making, coping with ambiguity, dealing with crises, employee engagement, heightening focus and clarity, improving listening and communication, and increasing presence. Mindful Coaching includes a range of real-life examples and practical exercises to enable coaches to become more resilient in their practice, something that is of particular importance at a time where coaches are facing increasing challenges in defining clarity in their work.

Table Of Contents
Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Section - ONE: Overview;
Chapter - 01: Definitions, origins and relevance to coaching;
Chapter - 02: A brief history of mindfulness;
Chapter - 03: The impact of mindfulness;
Section - TWO: Fundamental principles;
Chapter - 04: Presence;
Chapter - 05: Curiosity, enquiry and non-judgement;
Chapter - 06: Attunement and resonance;
Chapter - 07: Compassion;
Chapter - 08: Being and doing;
Section - THREE: Working with mindfulness in coaching and mentoring;
Chapter - 09: Developing, supporting and nurturing the coach;
Chapter - 10: Introducing mindfulness to clients;
Chapter - 11: The FEEL model;
Chapter - 12: Stress, anxiety, depression and work–life balance;
Chapter - 13: Resilience, happiness and wellbeing;
Chapter - 14: Uncertainty, change, complexity and interconnectedness;
Chapter - 15: Working with leaders;
Chapter - 16: Ethics;
Chapter - 17: Working with emotions;
Chapter - 18: Creativity;
Chapter - 19: Mindfulness and other approaches;
Section - FOUR: The future;
Chapter - 20: The Mindfulness in Coaching survey;
Chapter - 21: The future is mindful

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"Mindful Coaching How Mindfulness can Transform Coaching Practice"

Автор(и): Liz Hall
ISBN: 9780749465667
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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