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The first practical guide to the theory and practice of embodied leadership techniques.

We don't need leaders who know about leadership - we need leaders who embody the capacity to lead in the midst of ambiguity and complexity. The concept of embodied leadership is derived from somatic coaching, a unique approach that brings the body forward as an advocate in creating a place for change and transformation. It brings together language, action, feeling and meaning and is based on the idea that the mind and body are inextricably linked: to develop one, you must cultivate the other.
Embodied Leadership deconstructs our thinking about the body using key discoveries in neuroscience to demonstrate the uses and benefits of a somatic approach, particularity in the area of emotional intelligence.There are practical exercises throughout to develop embodied leadership skills and personal development.

Table Of Contents
Chapter - 00: Introduction;
Section - ONE: Setting the foundations;
Chapter - 01: What do we mean by leadership anyway?;
Chapter - 02: How do I get better at it?;
Chapter - 03: If I am to develop myself, what exactly is my ‘self’?;
Chapter - 04: What does neuroscience have to say about the self?;
Chapter - 05: Embodying our selves;
Section - TWO: Exploring the ideas in practice;
Chapter - 06: Developing choice and clarity as a leader;
Chapter - 07: Conflict, stress and our conditioned tendencies;
Chapter - 08: Giving feedback and being mindful rather than mindless;
Section - THREE: The wider implications for leadership;
Chapter - 09: Ethical leadership;
Chapter - 10: Leadership for the 21st century;
Chapter - 11: Conclusions

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"Embodied Leadership The Somatic Approach to Developing Your Leadership"

Автор(и): Pete Hamill
ISBN: 9780749465643
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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