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Six Figure Management Method gives professional managers a simple, proven and universal method for improving the profitability of any business unit or organization by measuring and improving just six key performance indicators.

Measuring performance and improving profitability are essential for successful business growth. However, authors Patrick M. Georges, who created the widely used Management Cockpit system, and Josephine Hus demonstrate clearly that standard key performance indicators can be overly complex and therefore ineffective in managing productivity.

In Six Figure Management Method Georges and Hus show that if you measure and improve just six well-selected KPIs, each of them simple to understand and easy to calculate, the profitability of your unit or business will soar. Based around these six measures of performance, this practical handbook for managers presents a streamlined, straightforward framework for managing your activities effectively on a day-to-day basis, while remaining directed towards achieving long-term strategy and goals. Growing sales, managing customers, managing productivity and profitability, motivating personnel, project management and overall organization design are consistent business challenges. This guide cuts through the noise with easy-to-apply, down-to-earth tips, and a new perspective that managers will find useful as they pursue enduring business growth.

Based on survey results from interviews with hundreds of executives from around the world, Six Figure Management Method provides the information executives, entrepreneurs, and business people of all types need to systematically deliver long-term success.

Table Of Contents
Chapter - 00: Introduction: how to thrive, simply;
Chapter - 01: Six figure management in action: how we know it really works;
Chapter - 02: How SFM will help you to get the most from your reporting systems;
Chapter - 03: Try more new things: measuring and improving your sales from new sources performance;
Chapter - 04: Spend more time with customers: measuring and improving your time facing customers performance;
Chapter - 05: Do the same thing but with reduced costs and delays: measuring and improving your gains from processes performance;
Chapter - 06: Give more to the best people: measuring and improving your people responsibility level performance;
Chapter - 07: Invest more in your critical resource: measuring and improving your return on critical resource performance;
Chapter - 08: Focus on one key change project: measuring and improving your key project status performance;
Chapter - 09: Getting started

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"Six Figure Management Method How to Grow Your Business with the Only 6 KPIs You'll Ever Need"

Автор(и): Patrick M Georges, Josephine Hus
ISBN: 9780749469078
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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