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"Successful Selling Skills"

Автор(и): Richard Denny
ISBN: 9780749454104
Видавництво: Kogan Page

Richard Denny is the 'godfather of salesmanship' and author of the international best-seller and classic sales text, Selling to Win. The most inspirational business speaker in the UK, he has helped countless thousands of salespeople become high flyers and now his vast knowledge and experience is distilled in this definitive new title.

Successful Selling Skills is essential reading if you are new to sales, but also invaluable for those professionals who need to refresh their skills. In his distinctive, accessible style Denny analyzes the key aspects of selling, such as developing the right attitude and motivation, displaying product knowledge, identifying USPs,the classic sales presentation, negotiating, handling objections and closing a sale.

Whether you want to join the ranks of high-flying sales executives or simply win new business for your company, Successful Selling Skills is a vital addition to your business bookshelf.


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