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The Conversation Manager will help your business connect with the new breed of customers.

Mobile devices, new digital technologies and the increasing popularity of social media all contribute to the ever-growing gap between internet-savvy consumers and traditional means of advertising. With the old tried and tested techniques no longer being effective, marketers, who do not want to fall behind, need to find novel ways to engage with the new-sprung breed of consumers. To do this, learning to listen and communicate with your consumers is critical.

Based on four years of primary research, The Conversation Manager explains the evolution of the modern consumer and clearly demonstrates why traditional advertising no longer works. Illustrated with an extensive number of examples of advertising campaigns, this book is full of practical tools to help you transform your company strategy and kick-start conversations with your customers.


Section - ONE: Together we are strong;
Chapter - 01: The power of the modern consumer;
Chapter - 02: The end of the ‘traditional’ advertiser;
Section - TWO: The Conversation Manager;
Chapter - 03: The new framework;
Chapter - 04: Your brand deserves a lever;
Chapter - 05: Advertising becomes activating;
Chapter - 06: Observe, facilitate and participate in conversations;
Section - THREE: I want to be a Conversation Manager!;
Chapter - 07: The philosophy of the Conversation Manager;
Chapter - 08: The Conversation Manager in practice;
Chapter - 09: You have just 48 hours!

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"The Conversation Manager The Power of the Modern Consumer, the End of the Traditional Advertiser"

Автор(и): Steven Van Belleghem
ISBN: 9780749466596
Видавництво: Kogan Page

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