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Видавництво: HarperCollins Publishers
Вік учнів: 6-7 years

This structured map skills course uses a simple colourful layout to introduce young pupils to using and drawing maps and plans. Mapstart 1 is a structured introduction to map work for 6-7 year olds. It assumes no previous experience of map skills and establishes a sound foundation for graphic concepts, skills and vocabulary at a very simple level. Mapstart 1 has been designed with the following purposes in mind:

- to build children's spatial awareness through the use of familiar objects, toys, the locality of the school and space photos;
- to extend children's understanding and use of vocabulary associated with spatial location, organisation and movement;
- to provide continuity through the book by the use of vertical aerial photos;
- to introduce children to the perspective of plans and maps and to the representational characteristics of maps;
- to encourage children to observe features and relationships in oblique and vertical photos and maps.

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"Mapstart 1"

ISBN: 9780007320820
Видавництво: Collins

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