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The ultimate how-not-to-grow-up guide, The Encyclopedia of Immaturity contains more than 300 entries:

  • How to Skip a Stone
  • How to Do a Wheelie
  • How to Hang a Spoon from Your Nose
  • How to Really Annoy Your Older Sibling

all painstakingly explained and illuminated with full-colour photographs, illustrations, diagrams, and the occasional footnote.

Comes with inifinite wisdom.

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"Encyclopedia of Immaturity, Vol. 1"

ISBN: 9781591744276
Видавництво: Klutz

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity contains more than 400 pages of essential childhood skills, activities, mischief and secret knowledge - from how to make the world's best paper plane to how to hang a spoon from your nose, all painstakingly explained with photographs, illustrations and diagrams.



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Розважальна книжка

"Encyclopedia of Immaturity, Vol. 2"

ISBN: 9781591746898
Видавництво: Klutz

Following on from the success of "The Encyclopedia of Immaturity" comes "Volume 2: Shenanigans". In this book are detailed explanations of how to fake a cold, make your hand explode and burp at will - enough for hours of entertainment!


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