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"Play Yoga: Have Fun and Grow Healthy and Happy! - Lorena Pajalunga Valentina"

Автор(и): Lorena Pajalunga Valentina
ISBN: 9788854411111
Видавництво: Octopus Publishing Group

Have fun with yoga! These 20 animal positions will get kids moving.
Yoga can help keep kids healthy and calm--and these20 positions, inspired by the animal world, make the practice fun, too!Developed in collaboration with the AIYB (Associazione Italiana di Yoga per Bambini), this book features colorful, appealing posters of every pose that parents can use to decorate their child's room. Even the youngest yogi can master the positions, thanks to the charming explanations and step-by-step instructions, as well as Anna Lang's funny illustrations.



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