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Fluency in Number Facts – Teacher’s Guide Year 1 and Year 2 for Key Stage 1 contains a bank of whole-class activities with supporting Interactive Whiteboard display resources to teach new facts and revise known facts. The accompanying CD provides mental maths tests to support preparation for SATs testing and a host of other resources.

The Teacher Guide for Y1/Y2 contains:

• games and activities arranged according to the three Key Aspects: Number, place value and rounding, Addition and subtraction and Multiplication and division

• whole-class games and activities, Paired games and activities and Individual activities aimed at ensuring
children practise and consolidate their fluency in each of the three KeyAspects

• lists of the resources required for games and activities as well as instructions and, where appropriate, any variations

• Additional multi-aspect games and activities to develop mental fluency in all three Key Aspects.

The CD contains:

• downloadable resources for Maths facts, Whole-class games and activities, Paired games and activities, Individual activities and Written activities

• mental fluency challenges aimed at providingchildren with further practice and consolidation and also at offering
teachers a means of assessing individual children’s proficiency in the mental recall of number facts.

• number cards required for some of the games and activities

• assessment and record-keeping formats to enable teachers to keep a record of the level of mastery that individual children have achieved ineach of the three Key Aspect.

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"Collins Maths. Fluency in Number Facts: Teacher's Guide Years 1&2"

Автор(и): Peter Clarke
ISBN: 9780007220557
Видавництво: HarperCollins ELT

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