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Learn key vocabulary for the FCE exam

Achieve the score you need

Collins COBUILD Key Words for Cambridge English: First and First for Schoolswill help students to enrich their vocabulary and increase their accuracy and fluency in preparation for the Cambridge English: First (FCE) and First for Schools exams.

- hundreds of vocabulary-building features, synonyms, phrases and collocations
- a thematic word list section, organized according to topics that frequently appear in the exams
- words are organized alphabetically and are clearly labelled according to topic
- full-sentence definitions in simple language and a clear and easy-to-use format

More than a dictionary, this unique reference tool provides all the vocabulary support needed by students preparing for both First (FCE) and First for Schools. It is ideal for self-study, and can be used alongside your existing coursebook and Collins Practice Tests for Cambridge English: First to make sure you are ready for the exam.

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"Key Words for Cambridge English: First"

ISBN: 9780007535996
Видавництво: Collins

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