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Видавництво: Delta Publishing

Автор: Jon Marks

Додаткові дидактичні матеріали (Teacher's Resource Pack)

Provides teachers with valuable resource material to liven up their IELTS preparation classes and help ensure success for their students. Preparing classes for the IELTS exam can become a gruelling cycle of exam practice and intensive language analysis. Communication games and activities may be available, but with the exam approaching, it can seem inappropriate to spend time on anything not directly relevant to the exam. The games and activites in this book aim to help with this dilemma. They are fun, motivating, and in many cases kinaesthetic (i.e. students use their bodies as well as their minds), yet they all relate directly to the exam.

IELTS Resource Pack features:
A bank of photocopiable exam practice material. 25 lively communicative activities specifically designed for students preparing for the IELTS exam. Highly motivating pair-work, small-group and whole-class activities Language and skills students need for success in the Academic Writing, Academic Reading, Speaking and Listening modules of the exam. Free Audio CD with listening material for the exam.

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Додаткові дидактичні матеріали

"IELTS Resource Pack"

Автор(и): Jon Marks
ISBN: 9781905085156

Додаткові фотокопіювальні матеріали та тести.


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