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Видавництво: Collins ELT

Автор: Katie Foufouti

Підручник (Student's Book)

4 complete practice tests with answer keys and model answers. Free online practice module that guides you through a complete test with tips for success. An MP3 CD and audio scripts for the Listening and Speaking papers. Visual materials for the Speaking paper, plus model answers (on the CD). A mini-dictionary of difficult words from the tests, taken from our COBUILD dictionaries.

With Collins Practice Tests for Cambridge English: Key, students will know what to expect from the real test:
Material and layout has been carefully prepared to replicate the real test (both paper-based and computer-based). Introduction contains a full guide to the different sections of the test, along with tips and practical advice on how to revise and prepare for the test. Sample answer sheets from Cambridge English are included. Suitable for Elementary or Pre-intermediate students (CEF level A1–A2) preparing to take the Cambridge English: Key (KET).

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Практичний посібник для підготовки до іспитів

"Practice Tests for Cambridge English Key"

Автор(и): Katie Foufouti
ISBN: 9780007529568
Видавництво: Collins

Додатковий збірник типових тестових завдань.


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