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Видавництво: Collins

Contains all the advice and practice you need to succeed in the TOEFL Test. It includes:
Access to four online practice tests that replicate the real test experience. Find out your score and practise to target your weak spots through tutorials and practice exercises. A book containing two complete TOEFL tests (as featured online) with a key, audio scripts and model answers. Includes a mini-dictionary with COBUILD definitions of difficult words from the tests. A booklet with a detailed guide to every section of the test, with useful tips and strategies on how to get the best result. An MP3 CD with audio for the tests in the book.

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Практичний посібник для підготовки до іспитів

"Practice Test Pack for the TOEFL Test"

ISBN: 9780007499700
Видавництво: Collins

Додатковий збірник типових тестових завдань.


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