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Видавництво: NGL

Автор: Renald Rilcy

Підручник (Student's Book)

Designed for higher-level students planning to take the TOEIC® test. It features authentic practice tests as well as giving strategies for preparing for and taking the test.
Overview and explanation of the contents of the TOEIC® and TOEIC Bridge tests; 3 Mini-tests to diagnose and review problem areas; 2 full-length practice tests of 100 questions each; Strategies for preparing for each section of the test including study tips, clear examples and authentic exercises; Audio CD with listening components featuring a range of native English speakers; Vocabulary and grammar review sections with thorough explanations, examples and exercises in TOEIC® test format; Full appendix including an answer key with helpful explanations and complete audioscript.

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Практичний посібник для підготовки до іспитів

"Achieve TOEIC Test-Preparation Guide"

Автор(и): Renald Rilcy
ISBN: 9780462004464
Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

Додатковий збірник типових тестових завдань з відповідями.


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