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Collins Skills for the TOEIC Test: Listening and Reading is a unique skills-based exam preparation course.TOEIC (‘Test of English for International Communication’) is a test of English proficiency for people in the workplace seeking to work in an international environment or looking for promotion within their organisation.

- Quick Guide: question overviews give learners an easy reference to the characteristics of each question type.
- Challenges and Solutions: these sections offer strategy and skills reviews to help learners learn how to overcome the most common challenges.
- Get it right: gives a quick overview of the most important steps for doing well on each question type and includes useful vocabulary and expressions.
- Answer Analysis: teaches learners how to rule out distracter answer options.
- Progressive Practice: encourages independent learning by offering a graded progression of content and task sets
- Review sections: offer timed TOEIC test-taking guides and help learners practice what they’ve learned in a simulated environment
- Highly experienced author team, who have written TOEIC materials before and have also worked as teachers themselves, preparing learners for the test.

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"Skills for the TOEIC Test: Listening and Reading"

ISBN: 9780007460571
Видавництво: HarperCollins ELT

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