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"Smith and Hogan's Essentials of Criminal Law"

Автор(и): John Child, David Ormerod
ISBN: 9780199689569
Видавництво: Oxford University Press

Smith and Hogan's Criminal Law is world renowned for its clear and authoritative treatment of the criminal law. Smith and Hogan's Essentials combines that authority with numerous supportive learning features and an eye on developing analytical and assessment skills. It provides your gateway to understanding the dynamic world of criminal law.Dr John Child and Professor David Ormerod QC introduce the field of criminal law for the new undergraduate reader, addressing all the key topics on the LLB. The text does not shy away from complex issues but instead conveys a clear understanding of all offences and principles.Particular attention is paid to considering student assessment, with end of chapter sections offering advice on how to approach essay and problem questions. Short learning and assessment tips are provided throughout the chapters.


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