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"Tort Law Directions"

Автор(и): Vera Bermingham ,Carol Brennan
ISBN: 9780199689897
Видавництво: Oxford University Press

Tort Law Directions is written in an engaging and lively manner with an emphasis on explaining the key topics covered on tort law courses with clarity. The book provides a thorough introduction to the key principles of tort law, and illustrates the points of law through discussions of important cases. The book includes a range of learning features to help guide and support students through the material in an interesting and engaging way. Questions, summaries, and thinking points encourage active learning, and enable students to check their understanding of the subject as they progress through the course. These learning features and the clear writing style ensure that students can also benefit from the arguments developed throughout the chapters, and from some introductory academic debates. Tort Law Directions is supported by an extensive ORC which includes a testbank for use by lecturers and resources for students including: a glossary, podcasts and guidance on answering essay questions.


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