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Express Publishing

Видавництво: Express Publishing
Автор: Elizabeth Gray, Virginia Evans
Кількість рівнів: 1.
Вік учнів: дошкільнята.
Основні для учня:
Підручник (Pupil's Book)
Для вчителя:
Книга для вчителя (Teacher's Book)
Картки наочності (Flashcards)
Аудіо-диски для роботи в класі (Class Audio CDs)

Letterfun is an innovative approach to alphabet teaching for young learners of English. Children are exposed to the English alphabet gradually and meaningfully as they learn the letters phonetically and through everyday words. Their competency is enhanced by the use of traditional songs and rhymes and colourful illustrations, which ensure that children have fun while learning. Key Features motor-skill practice presentation of new letters through colour flashcards letter blends thoroughly presented and practised rhyming words songs and traditional rhymes stickers wide variety of communicative tasks Total Physical Response Activities picture word cards alphabet poster step-by-step interleaved Teacher´s Book with additional activities and games (Kids´ Corner) fully dramatised audio CD CD-ROMs DVD-ROM