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Communicating Across Cultures is an innovative short course for learners of business English who want to function effectively in an international environment by developing their intercultural skills in English.

Drawing on inspirational advice from leading figures in the world of cross-cultural communication, Communicating Across Cultures covers all types of oral and written communication, from meetings to negotiations, telephone calls to emails, and deals with situations ranging from working in international teams to managing conflict.

Students are invited to analyse their own intercultural competence and helped to develop a personal action plan for further use beyond the classroom.

Students will gain the essential skills and techniques they will need to ensure they can work effectively with colleagues and business partners the world over.

Communicating Across Cultures is part of the new Cambridge Business Skills series – a set of short courses from leading business English authors, combining communication skills training with professional language development.

The Trainer's Notes that accompany the course can be downloaded from the Resources area.

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Ціна (грн) Кількість Разом (грн)

"Communicating Across Cultures Student's Book with Audio CD"

Автор(и): Bob Dignen
ISBN: 9780521181983

B1 Pre-Intermediate - B2 Upper Intermediate

Книжка з audio CD, що містить автентичні інтерв'ю з людьми зі світу бізнесу і виписок з засідань, які ілюструють представлені комунікаційні стратегії.



Доступно зі знижкою 1 шт.

** На цю позицію не діють знижки чи акції!

Інтерактивний відео-диск (DVD)

"Communicating Across Cultures DVD"

Автор(и): Bob Dignen
ISBN: 9780521182027

B1 Pre-Intermediate - B2 Upper Intermediate

The DVD contains six dramatised sequences which can be used either stand-alone or as a linked narrative, and which explore the cultural issues and cultural competencies discussed in Communicating Across Cultures Student's Book. The episodes include first meetings, working in an international team, decision-making, negotiating and influencing, giving feedback, managing conflict and cross-cultural communication. The author acts as narrator, and throughout the DVD viewers are invited to discuss and analyse behaviour and techniques at key points within each sequence. The DVD is supported by free online photocopiable worksheets which further exploit the DVD's content.


*Роздріб. На гуртові замовлення – знижки. Для детального розрахунку змоделюйте замовлення.