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Видавництво: National Geographic Learning
Автори: Josephine O'Brien et all.
: B1/B2
Professional English is a five-volume integrated skills English for Specific Purposes series designed for intermediate-level pre-work and working students.

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"English for Business Student's Book with Audio CD"

Автор(и): Josephine O'Brien
ISBN: 9781413020885
Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

English for Business provides students with the language and life skillsnecessary to pursue business-related career goals. Through language practice based in real-world situations, this integrated skills approach builds confidence and motivates students towards successful careers. Forty hours of classroom material ideal forshort intensive course or a specialized module to complete a longer general English course. Two-page lessons provide a variety of business situations that will interest and motivate students specializing in any aspect of the field. A grammar reference allows for review and self-study of the essential grammar required at the intermediate level. An international English program with a variety of American, British, and non-native accents trains the listening skills required by today's global community. A comprehensive Teacher's Resource Book provides teachers with photocopiable test materials, step-by-step teaching notes, answer keys, and photocopiable activities to extend reading, writing, communication, and grammar skills.



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Аудіо-диски для роботи в класі (CD)

"English for Business Audio CD"

Автор(и): Kristin L. Johannsen, Milner, O'Brien, Hector Sanchez, Ivor Williams
ISBN: 9781413020830
Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

The Audio CD includes a variety of American, British, and non-native accents, developing the listening skills required by today's global community.


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