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Market Leader 3rd edition elementary


Видавництво: Pearson

Від elementary до advanced
Автори: David Falvey, David Cotton, Simon Kent, Margaret O'Keeffe, Iwonna Dubicka
Кількість годин на один рівень: 120.
Кількість рівнів: 5
Вік: студенти, дорослі

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Основні для учня:
Підручник (Course Book) with DVD-ROM
Підручник (Course Book) with DVD-ROM and MyLab Pack
Робочий зошит (Practice File) with Audio CD
Для вчителя:
Книга для вчителя (Teacher's book) with Test Master CD-ROM
Тести (Test File)
Програма для інтерактивної білої дошки (Active Teach)

Market Leader 3rd Edition Extra develops confident, fluent speakers who can successfully use English in a work environment.

- A five-level course for young adults and adult professionals
- Contemporary material with Financial Times content in every unit
- Takes students from CEFR A1 to C2

Student Course Book with DVD-ROM includes;

- Authentic texts from the Financial Times and other sources develop reading skills and provide essential business vocabulary.
- Interviews with business people and experts develop listening skills, such as prediction, listening for specific information and note taking.
- Language Work develops students’ awareness of common problem areas and introduces grammatical concepts.
- Open discussion exercises for groups and pairs.
- Skills section for teaching career-related skills.
- Useful Language Box provides phrases for role play situations in the workplace.
- Case study discussions on the unit topic (with commentaries on the DVD-ROM).
- Working Across Cultures sections develop cultural awareness.
- Four revisions units in each Course Book.
- DVD-ROM updated with video resources and worksheets for Extra
- All 12 interviews from the Course Book, with optional subtitles, expose students to natural, authentic speech.
- Self-study practice activities allow students to revisit problem areas and reinforce classwork.
- Activities provide language-recycling opportunities with instant, personalised feedback.
- iGlossary - a digital mini-dictionary that provides definitions and pronunciations of all the key words listed in the Course Book.