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Writing for Impact is an innovative and broad-ranging new course for learners of business English who want to excel at writing.

The course's 12 modules take learners through the topics they will need to succeed in business. It covers a wide variety of topics from emails and letters to meeting minutes and agendas. The progressive syllabus ensures learners will improve their overall knowledge and ability in writing.

The course comes with an audio CD, which provides both tips and input on producing written documents in a business setting and extracts from meetings and phone calls. There are also full Trainer's Notes for the teacher and templates to aid learners in producing a range of written communications, which can be downloaded online.

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"Writing for Impact Student's Book with Audio CD"

Автор(и): Tim Banks
ISBN: 9781107603516
Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

Курс містить аудіо компакт-диск з порадами до письмових документів і витягами з зустрічей і телефонних дзвінків. Є також повний Тренерський Нотатник для вчителів і шаблони, щоб допомогти учням у підготовці різних письмових повідомлень, які можна скачати в інтернеті.


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