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Pre-intermediate - Intermediate / B1-B2

Telephoning works with the skills and language required to conduct successful phone calls in English.

The units cover:

  1. focus on listening;
  2. making calls;
  3. receiving calls;
  4. receiving and leaving messages;
  5. dealing with problems;
  6. conference calls.

Telephoning provides six core units, each containing these sections:

  1. Warmer to raise awareness of the skills involved in effective communication and to introduce different strategies for developing these skills.
  2. Presentation and practice of core language connected to each skill.
  3. Over to you, which allows students to apply what they have learned to their real-life work situation.

In addition, the book contains:

  1. a needs analysis to help learners to think about their strengths and weaknesses in English and to identify and prioritize their learning needs;
  2. a personal learning journal to help students monitor their learning during the course;
  3. a review to help consolidate the language work students have done in each unit;
  4. a reference section listing the vocabulary, grammar and phrases covered in each unit;
  5. an answer key, including suggested answers and audio scripts.

Telephoning is designed for classroom use, but is also suitable for self-study.

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"Telephoning Coursebook"

Автор(и): Susan Lowe
ISBN: 9781900783798
Видавництво: Delta Publishing

This book integrates language work, business skills and telephone work, and works well on all three levels.


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