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Level(s): B1, B2, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate

An award-winning reference and practice book for class or self-study. Divided into vocabulary and grammar topic sections, each topic consists of input on the left-hand page, and exercises and tasks on the right-hand page.

  1. 30 vocabulary topic units cover key technical vocabulary drawn from professional activities and company profiles;
  2. 20 grammar topic units review core grammar uses in technical contexts;
  3. Grammar glossary explaining key grammatical terms;
  4. Vocabulary glossary of 1,500 key technical terms with multilingual list of the website;
  5. Answer key.
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"Technical English: Vocabulary and Grammar"

Автор(и): Nick Brieger; Alison Pohl
ISBN: 9781902741765
Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

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