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Видавництво: Pearson

Elementary to Advanced
Автори: Sue Kay, Vaughan Jones, Daniel Brayshaw, Patricia Reilly
Кількість годин на один рівень: 120
Кількість рівнів: 5
Вік учнів: 11-16 років

Компоненти кожного рівня:
Основні для учня:
Підручник (Students' Book)
Робочий зошит (Workbook)
Для вчителя:
Книга для вчителя (Teacher's Book) з DVD–ROM;
Аудіо-диски для роботи в класі (Class Audio CDs);
Програма для інтерактивної білої дошки (Active Teach).

FOCUS is a brand new course for upper-secondary schools that takes students from A2 up to C1 level and offers a thorough preparation to the school leaving exam.

Following a thorough research, FOCUS has been built around 3 pillars:
MOTIVATION - A motivated learner is a more successful learner - FOCUS is brimming with topics, texts and tasks that engage students both intellectually and emotionally by referring to their life experience, and the things they aspire to.
Grammar explained in videos! Video animations of grammar consist of a background story to provide context and a virtual teacher to how a structure is formed and applied. Interactive videos provide a real context for practising language from Speaking lessons. Go through the lesson in the Students' Book, then watch a model dialogue and put yourself in the shoes of Pearson A or Person B to have a try.
MEMORY - On top of comprehensive exposure to and recycling of lexical items, the course offers Word Store, a vocabulary practice booklet with a wide variety of exercises and a unique method of involving learners actively in recording new words and phrases.
Word Store is a booklet attached to the back of the book, which offers vocabulary practice to help students remember words from the lesson.
FOCUS builds students' self-confidence by:
- showing them how much they already know (Show what you know section at the beginning of each unit),
- providing extensive and diversified vocabulary practice,
- showing students how much they have learnt.
MEANING - FOCUS is built on content students want to read, listen and talk about. Every exercise has been made relevant to students’ lives through frequent personalisation, ensuring that, with Focus, they are engaged every step of the way.
FOCUS is the perfect choice if you care about your students' exam results. Thorough preparation for PTE General, KET, PET and FCE is guaranteed thanks to:
- exam tasks throughout the units in the Students' Book,
- a comprehensive exam review after every unit,
- a carefully structured guided writing programme,
- use of English exam tasks in Workbook.

FOCUS on teacher support
Have you ever wondered how easier teacher's life is when everything you need is in the Teacher's Book? In FOCUS Teacher's Book you get:
- nearly 100% size Students' Book pages,
- answer key,
- list of resources available for each lesson,
- extra activities ideas,
- photocopiables,
- DVD-ROM with video content.

Visit pearsonELT.com/focus to find out more about FOCUS!