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Англійська » Середня школа (5-11 класи) » Go Getter

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Англійська » Середня школа (5-11 класи) » Go Getter

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Англійська » Середня школа (5-11 класи) » Go Getter

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Англійська » Середня школа (5-11 класи) » Go Getter

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Видавництво: Pearson

Автори: Catherine Bright, Jayne Croxford, Graham Fruen, Sandy Zervas

Кількість годин на один рівень: 70-120

Кількість рівнів: 4
Вік учнів: 10-13 років

Компоненти кожного рівня:
Основні для учня:
Підручник (Students' Book)
Робочий зошит з практикою онлайн (Workbook with Extra Online Practice)

Для вчителя:
Книга для вчителя (Teacher's Book) з DVD–ROM;

Understanding that teenagers today live in a fast-moving, dynamic world governed by new technologies, GoGetter provides learning solutions focused on motivating, inspiring and developing young minds within a positive classroom environment.

A step-by-step learning approach is combined with motivating multimedia that includes authentic, BBC videos and interactive activities, and with Assessment for Learning present in all components it means you can be the best you can be - be aGoGetter!

Be inspired with colourful artwork, BBC content, step-by-step practice activities and language reference boxes!

- Learn how to self-assess with Check yourself!, a key skill for future work.
- Get familiar with exam-style practice tasks for success in tests/exams.
- Remember and retain language through varied practice activities, Language reference boxes and wordlists.
- Improve accuracy with step-by-step practice activities.
- BBC Get Culture! lessons.

Reinforce Student Book material with a full colour Workbook, plus an access code for Extra Online Practice

- Additional grammar, vocabulary and skills practice plus CLIL sections.
- Learn to work independently, a skill for further studies and the workplace.
- Have fun with English through games and activities, both print and online.
- Access course video and interactive activities through Extra Online Practice.

- Extra Online Practice gives students access to all course videos and audio.