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Англійська » Середня школа (5-11 класи) » Time Zones

Time Zones 1

National Geographic Learning
Англійська » Середня школа (5-11 класи) » Time Zones

Time Zones 2

National Geographic Learning

Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

Автор: Tim Collins
Від A1 до B1
Кількість рівнів: 4
Вік учнів: 11-18 років

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Основні для учня:
Підручник (Student's book)
Робочий зошит (Workbook)
Для вчителя:
Книга для вчителя (Teacher's Edition)
Аудіо-диски для роботи в класі (Class CDs)

Відео-диски для роботи в класі (Сlass DVD)

Time Zones is a motivating four-skills series for teenagers, with a strong international focus. It combines a communicative approach to learning English with stunning National Geographic images, video, and content. The series features educational content covering four exciting areas: people and places, the natural world, history and culture, and science and education. With Time Zones, learners will: EXPLORE amazing places and fascinating cultures with National Geographic and our team of young global reporters
DISCOVER the exciting worlds of science and technology, nature, history, geography, and popular culture
LEARN how to use English to communicate effectively in the real world, by developing both language and critical thinking skills Adapted National Geographic content, video and images give learners an understanding and appreciation of other countries and their cultures.
Four cartoon characters - young reporters - appear in each unit, presenting language and factual information in a fun and engaging way.
Educational content provides learners with the chance to learn about geography, science, history, animals and nature, as well as developing critical thinking skills.
Student Multi-ROM provides additional practicethrough National Geographic video, audio recordings, listening and pronunciation activities, and computer-based exercises.
Systematically teaches high frequency vocabulary for this age group, as well as high-interest content words, both useful for learners preparing for standardized exams.