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A photocopiable resource book of texts, puzzles and activities to learn and practise everyday words and phrases. Minibooks for Young Learners makes learning vocabulary memorable, motivating and relevant. Minibooks are small 16-page booklets on everyday topics such as school, family, shopping and the body. The teacher photocopies 2 double-sided A4 pages for each pupil, and pupils easily cut and fold the pages to make their personalised minibooks. *

-15 photocopiable 'minibooks'
- texts, puzzles, pictures and activities
- answer section
- teacher's notes for further activities and language exploitation
- suitable for young beginners (ages 8-11)

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"Minibooks for Young Learners Photocopiable Resources for Teachers"

Автор(и): Jane Myles
ISBN: 9781907584022
Видавництво: North Star

*Роздріб. На гуртові замовлення – знижки. Для детального розрахунку змоделюйте замовлення.