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Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

Автори: Ron White, Andrew Hockley, Melissa S. Laughner, Julie van der Horst Jansen

This is a handbook for managers of language teaching organizations such as Directors and Assistant Directors of Studies, Academic Directors, and School Owners, including those moving into a management role from teaching or administration. It provides an introduction to key concepts required by managers of language teaching organizations, covering topics from strategic and operational financial management, sales and marketing and customer service through to academic and human resource management. This book is also suitable for candidates undertaking the Cambridge ESOL International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM).

Key features
- Written in a clear and straightforward style making it easy for busy managers to digest
- Relates theory to real-life scenarios and case studies, and invites managers to reflect on these in the context of their own work situation .
- Draws on the experience of leading international specialists in language teaching management.
- Considers what factors make a language teaching organization effective, and deals with each of these in turn.

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"From Teacher to Manager. Managing Language Teaching Organizations"

Автор(и): Ron White, Andrew Hockley, Melissa S. Laughner, Julie van der Horst Jansen
ISBN: 9780521709095
Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

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