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Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

Автори: Neil Anderson, Kathleen Graves, Kathleen Graves, Kathleen M. Bailey, Tom Scovel, Suzanne Irujo, Donald Freeman.

TeacherSource is an authoritative thirteen-title series inspired by the theory that teachers learn their craft less by acquiring knowledge than by reflecting on their own teaching and learning experience. Each title focuses on areas of pedagogy from three interdependent perspectives: Voices, Frameworks, and Investigations, which give future as well as practicing teachers provocative insights into authentic classroom experiences, opportunities to debate theoretical issues, and inquiry-based activities to examine their own teaching practices

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"Teaching Second-Language Writing Interacting with Text"

Автор(и): Cherry Campbell
ISBN: 9780838478929
Видавництво: National Geographic Learning

Based on the philosophy that writing should be taught in conjunction with social and cultural expectations, the text teaches a variety of writing strategies, such as self-editing and portfolio writing, and provides practical advice on assessing writing and providing constructive feedback to students.


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