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Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

This concise overview of the latest findings in the field of Multiple Intelligences gives you 99 easy-to-follow teaching recipes to help you get the most out of your class.

Multiple Intelligences in EFL gives a brief overview of the latest research into multiple intelligences relevant for EFL. It shows how you can enrich your own teaching by systematically activating other intelligences in your language lessons and demonstrates what you can do so that more students feel 'addressed' in your class. This book will help you to appreciate otherwise hidden strengths in your students and provide fun lessons through over 70 clear and easy-to-follow 'teaching recipes'.

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Посібник з теорії та методики викладання мови

"Multiple Intelligences in EFL: Exercises for Secondary and Adult Students"

Автор(и): Herbert Puchta; Mario Rinvolucri
ISBN: 9780521716116
Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

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