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Видавництво: Express Publishing

Автори: Andy Harvey, John Oakley

Game On! presents a new and exciting approach to using lively, enjoyable game-based language activities in the classroom. It is an indispensable aid for every teacher, giving ideas and examples of motivating interactive activities which can be adapted for use at any level and with any age group. The book follows the principle of fitting activities to students´ needs and involving students in the preparation of activities. It can be used with any coursebook. There are six sections in the book, covering classroom space, warm-up and extension, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading and writing, and speaking. Key Features 150 different and re-usable activities for pairs, groups and the whole class Extends and consolidates student learning and competence in vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation Develops skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Emphasis on both fluency and accuracy Challenging and fun Photocopiable activity cards and board games Clear focus and step-by-step instructions for each activity Minimum preparation time Wide variety of competitive and co-operative activity types including word games, drama, role-play, problem solving Encourages a warm, friendly and positive classroom atmosphere Attractive two-colour layout

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"Game On. Teacher's Resource Book"

Автор(и): Andy Harvey, John Oakley
ISBN: 9781844663415
Видавництво: Express Publishing

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