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Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

This photocopiable resource book makes pronunciation in the primary classroom fun. As part of the Cambridge Copy Collection, each activity contains a clear, step-by-step lesson plan explaining how to set the activity up and carry it out in the classroom.

- A wide variety of games and activities to encourage pupils to practise their pronunciation
- Ready made lesson plans to save the teacher preparation time
- Attractively illustrated
- Activities can be slotted into any coursebook
- Suitable for learners preparing for Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (Cambridge ESOL)
- Over 60 fun-filled activities including rhymes, chants, poems, puzzles and games which make pronunciation enjoyable.
- Fully supported by an audio CD.

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"Primary Pronunciation Box Book with CD"

Автор(и): Caroline Nixon, Michael Tomlinson
ISBN: 9780521545457
Видавництво: Cambridge University Press

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